Disc 1

01. Something's Coming (7:06) (Sondheim/Bernstein) (stereo mix - released Holland '70)
02. Survival (6:18)
03. Every Little Thing (5:41)
04. Then (4:18) (previosuly unreleased BBC recording)
05. Everydays (4:08) (previosuly unreleased BBC recording)
06. Sweet Dreams (3:49)
07. No Opportunity Necessary, No Experience Needed (4:48)
08. Time And A Word (4:31)
09. Starship Trooper (9:26)
10. Yours Is No Disgrace (9:40)
11. I've Seen All Good People (6:53)
12. Long Distance Runaround (3:33)
13. The Fish (2:35)

Total playing time: 72:50

Disc 2

01. Roundabout (8:30)
02. Heart Of The Sunrise (10:34)
03. America (4:03) (single edit, released July '72)
04. Close To The Edge (18:33)
05. Ritual - Nous Sommes Du Soleil (21:32)
06. Sound Chaser (9:21)

Total playing time: 72:40

Disc 3

01. Soon (4:05) (single edit, released Jan'75)
02. Amazing Grace (2:30) (previously unreleased)
03. Vevey, Part One (1:06) (previously unreleased)
04. Wonderous Stories (3:49)
05. Awaken (15:35)
06. Montreux's Theme (2:26) (previously unreleased)
07. Vevey, Part Two (0:55) (previously unreleased)
08. Going For The One (5:31)
09. Money (3:11) (previously unreleased)
10. Abilene (3:54) (B Side Of 'Don't Kill The Whale', Aug'78)
11. Don't Kill The Whale (3:54)
12. On The Silent Wings Of Freedom (7:45)
13. Does It Really Happen? (6:29)
14. Tempus Fugit (5:14)
15. Run With The Fox (4:08) (Squire/White/Sinfield) (single - Dec'81, previously unreleased)
16. I'm Down (Lennon/McCartney) (2:30) (live in Jersey City, NJ,16/06/76 - previously unreleased)

Total playing time: 73:18

Disc 4

01. Make It Easy (6:08) (Rabin) (previously unreleased)
02. It Can Happen (6:01)
08. Owner Of A Lonely Heart (4:27)
04. Hold On (5:15)
05. Shoot High Aim Low (7:00)
06. Rhythm Of Love (4:46)
07. Love Will Find A Way (4:49)
08. Changes (7:33) (live in Houston, 19/02/88)
09. And You And I (10:49) (live in Houston, 19/02/88)
10. Heart Of The Sunrise (10:51) (live in Houston, 19/02/88)
11. Love Conquers All (4:57) (Sherwood/Squire) ('Union' sessions, previously unreleased)

Total playing time: 72:43

Overall playing time: 291:10 (4 hours 51 minutes)

Compilation produced by Yves Beauvais

' - This 4 disc set spans Yes' entire career and contains many rarities. Most of the material in this collection is mastered from the original master tapes. According to the producer, Yves Bauvais, the improvement over currently available material is most evident on FRAGILE.

Among the rarities included are the stereo mix of "Something's Coming", (from WEST SIDE STORY), "Then" and "Everydays" (both originally recorded for the BBC but never aired), "Montreux's Theme" (and other outtakes from GOING FOR THE ONE), "Money" (a previously unreleased song with vocals by Rick Wakeman), "I'm Down" (a live version of the Beatle's song from 1976), 2 demos from Cinema (Trevor Rabin, Alan White, Tony Kaye and Chris Squire) from 1982 and "Love Conquers All" (an outtake from UNION).

The set comes packaged in a 12" X 12" box, with a 32-page booklet containing color photos and liner notes by Bob Kaus of Atlantic records. The artwork on the box, as well as the jewel boxes and the discs themselves, is by Roger Dean, whose prior credits include Yes LPs - Fragile, Close To The Edge, Tales Of Topographic Oceans, Relayer and others.

This extensive box includes not only a fine mixture of classics and less familiar songs, but plenty of previously unheard material as well. Along the way, YESYEARS manages to encapsulate the band's career. Yes was one of the first progressive rock bands, achieving a perfect blend of hard-hitting rock excitement and sophisticated, classical-derived structure. Yes began by adapting other people's songs to the band's expansive, post-psychedelic style ("Every Little Thing," "Everydays"), but as the band grew more confident, it constructed ever more complex opuses full of virtuosic instrumental displays and complex shifts of meter and mood ("Starship Trooper," "Yours is no Disgrace").

The arrival of keyboard wizard Rick Wakeman meant the incorporation of elaborate synthesizer tapestries and a more extensive guitar/keyboard interplay ("Roundabout," "Close to the Edge"). By the time he was replaced by former Mainhorse/Refugee member Patrick Moraz, Yes's sound had reached its most sophisticated, abstract extremes, and the band truly earned its "art rock" tag ("Sound Chaser"). More personnel changes would ensue, and by the early '80s, Yes returned with a more stripped-down, rhythm-based sound ("Owner of a Lonely Heart"). YESYEARS covers all of this and more, with enough surprises to keep even hardcore fans on their toes. '
(from CD Now)

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