01. I Would Have Waited Forever (6:33) (Anderson/Howe/Elias)
02. Shock To The System (5:08) (Anderson/Howe/Elias)
03. Masquerade (2:17) (Howe)
04. Lift Me Up (6:30) (Rabin/Squire)
05. Without Hope You Cannot Start The Day (5:18) (Anderson/Elias)
06. Saving My Heart (4:41) (Rabin)
07. Miracle Of Life (7:30) (Rabin/Mancina)
08. Silent Talking (4:00) (Anderson/Howe/Wakeman/Bruford/Elias)
09. The More We Live - Let Go (4:54) (Squire/Sherwood)
10. Angkor Wat (5:23) (Anderson/Wakeman/Elias)
11. Dangerous (Look In The Light Of What You're Searching For) (3:38)
12. Holding On (5:24) (Anderson/Elias/Howe)
13. Evensong (0:51) (Levin/Bruford)
14. Take The Water To The Mountain (3:12) (Anderson)
15. Give And Take(4:29) (Anderson/Howe/Elias) *

*bonus track on UK/Europe release only. Not available on LP

Total playing time: 69:48

Track credits:

1. I Would Have Waited Forever
2. Shock To The System
5. Without Hope You Cannot Start The Day
8. Silent Talking
10. Angkor Wat
11. Dangerous
12. Holding On
13. Evensong
14. Take The Water To The Mountain
15. Give And Take

All vocals & instruments on above songs performed by Jon Anderson, Bill Bruford, Rick Wakeman & Steve Howe. Bass by Tony Levin. Vocals by Chris Squire on tracks 1, 5 & 11.

Produced by Jonathan Elias
Associate producer: Jon Anderson
Engineered & mixed by Brian Foraker
Additional engineering by Chris Fosdick & Buzz Burrower
Recorded at: Studio Miraval, Le Val; Studio Guillaume Tell, Paris
Assistant engineers: Richard Edwards, Renny Fill
Record Plant Studios, LA
Assistant Engineers: Buzz Burrowes, Matt Gruber
Vision Sound Studios, New York

Assistant engineer: Michael Sweet
Platinum Island Studios, New York
Assistant engineers: Paul Berry, Steve Wellner

Mixed at Right Track Recording & Power Station, New York
Assistant engineer: Lolly Grodner
'Angkor Wat' mixed at Vision Sound Studios, New York by Chris Fosdick
Production coordination: Susan Kent

Additional musicians
Keyboards: Jim Chrichton, Jonathan Elias, Alex Lasarenko.
Percussion: Jerry Bennett, Allan Schwartzberg.
Synths: Richard Baker, Gary Barlough, Jerry Bennett, Jim Chrichton, Jonathan Elias, Sherman Foote, Brian Foraker, Chris Fosdick, Rory Kaplan, Alex Lasarenko, Steve Porcaro.
Guitars: Jimmy Haun (also featured on 'Dangerous').

Additional vocalists
Deborah Anderson, Jonathan Elias, Gary Falcone, Tommy Funderburk, Ian Lloyd, Michael Sherwood, Danny Vaughn.
Cambodian Poetry: Pauline Cheng ('Angkor Wat').

3. Masquerade

Performed by Steve Howe
Produced & engineeered by Steve Howe
Recorded at Langley Studio, England
Post production at SARM West Studios, London by Greg Jackman

4. Lift Me Up
6. Saving My Heart
7. Miracle Of Life
9. The More We Live - Let Go

All vocals & instruments performed by Jon Anderson, Trevor Rabin, Chris Squire, Alan White & Tony Kaye

'Lift Me Up' & 'Saving My Heart'
Produced & engineered by Trevor Rabin
Recorded at The Jacaranda Room, LA
'Lift Me Up' Mixed by Paul Fox & Ed Thacker at One On One/The Grey Room, LA
'Saving My Heart' mixed by Mike Shipley at Soundcastle Studios, LA
Assistant engineer: Steve Harrison ('Lift Me Up')
Programming: Mark Mancina ('Lift Me Up')

'Miracle Of Life'
Produced by Trevor Rabin with Mark Mancina & Eddy Offord
Engineered by Trevor Rabin, Eddy Offord & Stan Katayama
Recorded at The Jacaranda Room
Mixed at Can Am Recorders, Tarzana, CA & Westlake Studios, LA
Assistant engineer: Steve Harrison

'The More We Live - Let Go'
Produced by Eddy Offord
Co-produced by Billy Sherwood
Engineered by Eddy Offord & Billy Sherwood
Mixed by Eddy Offord in 'Spherical Sound' on Radian speakers
Recorded & mixed at Cherokee Studios, LA

A&R: Roy Lott
Mastered by Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound, New York
Sunarts Music Ltd./Brian Lane
East End Management Co./Tony Dimitriades, Alex Scott
Phil Carson Associates Ltd./Phil Carson, Liza Zambrano

Bill Bruford appears courtesy of E.G. Records Ltd.
Tommy Funderburk appears courtesy of Ploydor/PolyGram Records, Inc.
Danny Vaughn appears courtesy of Geffen Records Ltd.

Design & paintings © Roger Dean 1991
Art direction: Carolyn Quan
Computer graphics by Karl Krause & Roger Dean/DDD Software, Malibu, CA

  In the unpredicable tradition of Yes, it took a twist of fate to bring about the completion of this album. While Jon Anderson, Bill Bruford, Rick Wakeman & Steve Howe were in Europe collaborating with producer Jonathan Elias on tracks for their second ABWH album, Chris Squire, Alan White, Tony Kaye & Trevor Rabin were working in LA, on their own new songs, including developing collaborations with a number of singers. When Jon arrived in LA to work on vocals for the ABWH tracks, he called Trevor, who took the opportunity of playing Jon several new songs that he was in the process of writing. When Jon heard the music, he immediately felt he wanted to be a part of it and suggested he add his vocals to the songs. Trevor, in turn, realized that Jon's unique vocal style was just what the music needed. Jon also heard some new music that Chris, Tony & Alan had been working on with producer Eddy Offord & added his vocals to this also. In this new spirit of harmony, it was only logical that Chris add his distinctive vocals to the new ABWH tracks, which by then had been completeed by Bill, Rick & Steve. Naturally, it followed that, in the light of all the ideas and action, they should all aim to do one album, one album of enormous effort and creation. A 'Union'

(P) © 1991 Arista Records Inc., NY
A Bertelsmann Music Group company