01. The Book Opens (4:59)
02. Quick Words (Talk-Talk) (2:53)
03. Shall We Play The Game (3:45)
04. Semati Siyonpine (3:25)
05. Good Day Morning (2:01)
06. Leap Into The Inconceivable (3:53)
07. Song Of Home (1:12)
08. Building Bridges (5:53)
09. Sound And Color (4:00)
10. Longwalker Speaks (2:49)
11. Maazo Maazo (1:22)
12. Enter Ye The Mystery School (7:55)
13. Ave Vernum (3:13)

Total playing time: 47:25

All tracks by Jon Anderson except 3 (Jon Anderson/Luis Perez); 8 (Jon Anderson/Eduardo del Signore) & 13 (W.A.Mozart)

Deborah Anderson: Vocals, Harmony Vocals
Charlie Bisharat: Violin
Eduardo del Signore: Bass
Paul Haney: Saxophone
Dan Navarro: Vocals
Otmaro Ruiz: Keyboards
Eduardo del Signore: Percussion
Luis Perez: Percussion, Sounds
Keith Heffner: Keyboards, Orchestration
Freddy Ramos: Guitar
Nina Swan: Vocals
David Eric Lowen: Vocals
Salo Loyo: Keyboards

Produced by Jon Anderson & Luis Perez
Arranged by Jon Anderson
Research & adaptation: Luis Perez
Engineered by Ron Wasserman
Mastered by Ric Wilson
Remixed & remastered by Kevin Dickey
Remastered by Tom Fletcher

Cover design & art: Jon Anderson
Art direction: Candace Upman
Graphic design: Sandy DelRio

(P) © 1996 Windham Hill Records