01. Impact (3:31)
02. Warmer Hands (3:31)
03. The Storm (0:52)
04. Cachaca (Baiao) (4:07)
05. Intermezzo (2:49)
06. Indoors (3:44)
07. Best Years Of Our Lives (3:59)
08. Descent (1:43)
09. Incantation (Procession) (1:51)
10. Dancing Now (4:38)
11. Impressions (The Dream) (2:49)
12. Like A Child Is Disguise (4:05)
13. Rise And Fall (5:34)
14. Symphony In The Space (2:56)

Total playing time: 46:17

Bonus tracks:

15. Cachaca Variations
16. Cachaca's Children's Voices

Composed, arranged & conducted by Patrick Moraz
Orchestrations by Patrick Moraz
English lyrics by John McBurnie
French lyrics by Patrick Moraz

Patrick Moraz: Keyboards, Piano, Vocals, Piano, Marimbaphone, add. assorted percussions
John McBurnie: Lead Vocals
Vivienne McAuliffe: Vocals, add. Lead Vocals
Ray Gomez: Electric Lead & Rhythm Guitars
Jeff Berlin: Electric Basses
Alphonse Mouzon: Drums (1-7)
Andy Newmark: Drums (8-14)
The Percussionists of Rio De Janeiro:
      Paulinho Braga: Drums
      Claudio: Surdo
      Gordinho: Surdo
      Armando Marcal: Tambourine
      Jorge Garcia: Tumba
      Hermes: Tumba
      Bezerra: Pandeiro
      Jorge Ferreira da Silva: Pandeiro
      Geraldo Sabino: Percussion
      Chico Batera: Percussion
Jean-Luc Bourgeois: Gongs, Tam-Tams
Auguste de Anthony: Acoustic Guitar, add. Electric Guitars
Jean Ristori: Cello, Acoustic String Bass
Phillippe Staehli: Tympanis, assorted Percussions
Rene Moraz: Tap Dance, Castagnets
The children of Morat, Switzerland
Veronique Mueller: French & add. Vocals, French Horn

Produced by Patrick Moraz
Engineered by Jean Ristori & Chris Penycate

(P) © 1976 Charisma Records Ltd.

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