01. Born To Dance (3:58)
02. Flowers Of The Morning (4:17)
03. Timing Of The Known (5:31)
04. True Life Song (4:18)
05. Are You? (3:47)
06. My Sweet Jane (3:35)
07. True Hands Of Fate (5:20)
08. The Promise Ring (5:31)
09. O'er (3:02)

Total playing time: 39:22

All tracks written by Jon Anderson

Jon Anderson: Vocals
John Bartlet: Guitar
Pete Morin: Mandolin
Peter Richardson: Mandolin
Chris Scott: Flute
Gary Atkinson: Fiddle
Dave Dewees: Mandolin, Penny Whistle
Kevin Dickey: Sonic Solutions
Marty Lau: Drums
Dave Lewicki: Mandolin
Mary McCluskey: Dulcimer, Fiddle
Karen Peterson: Flute, Guitar, Orchestration
Jane Luttenberger Anderson: Vocal Duet
Adam Hunter: Bodhran
Alan Dick: Violin
Julie Cooper: Fiddle
Paul Welch: Guitar
Bruce Powers: Dulcimer
The Froggin' Peach Orchestra

Produced by Jon Anderson
Executive producers: Matt Marshall, Dan Selene
Assistant producer: Nancy Forrest
Production director: Maria Ehrenreich
Engineered by Kevin Dickey & Matt May
Sound co-ordination: Greg Notley
Edited, mastered & digitally reassembled by William Aura
Sonic Solutions: Kevin Dickey

Design & art direction: Benjamin Cziller
Artwork: Nancy Forrest
Liner notes: Jon Anderson
Calligraphy: Nancy Forrest

(P) © 1997 OmTown Records
The Promise Ring