01. Out In The Sun (4:28)
02. Rana Batucada (5:34)
03. Nervous Breakdown (3:24)
04. Silver Screen (4:33)
05. Tentacles (3:33)
06. Kabala (4:58)
07. Love-Hate-Sun-Rain-You (4:52)
08. Time For A Change (9:06)
      a) Time To Fly
      b) Big Bands Of Ancient Temples
      c) Serenade
      d) Back To Nature

Total playing time: 40:31

All tracks by Moraz except 1,3-5 by Moraz/McBurnie & 7 by Moraz/Zmirou

Patrick Moraz: Keyboards, Vocals
Ray Gomez: Guitar
Wornell Jones: Bass
John McBurnie: Vocals
Vivienne McAuliffe: Vocals
Francois Zmirou: Vocals
Andy Newmark: Drums
Jean Luc Bourgeois: Percussion
Testa Chacal: Percussion
Isla Eckinger: Bass
Jean Ristori: Bass
Philippe Staehli: Percussion

Produced by Patrick Moraz & Jean Ristori
Engineered by Jean Ristori
Assisted by Erroll Maibach
Tape op: Camille Broye
Recorded in Phonogram Studios, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil & Aquarius Studios, Geneva, Switzerland, Feb-Mar 1977
Conducted by Patrick Moraz

(P) © 1977 Charisma Records Ltd.

The Famous Charisma Label
Out In The Sun