01. Distant Seas (6:12)
02. Provence (4:00)
03. Intersection Blues (2:27)
04. Family Tree (4:28)
05. J's Theme (3:51)
06. In The Course Of The Day (3:33)
07. Dream River (3:58)
08. Golden Years (4:36)
09. The Little Galliard (1:21)
10. Up Above Somewhere (3:56)
11. Curls & Swirls (2:33)
12. Pyramidology (3:07)
13. Lost For Words (3:35)
14. Winter (2:15)
15. Solar Winds (3:54)
16. Your Move (3:29)
17. Disillusion (1:37)
18. To Be Over (6:13)

Total playing time: 65:12

All tracks by Steve Howe except 14 by A.Vivaldi arr. by Steve Howe; 16 by Anderson; 17 by Squire; 18 by Anderson/Squire/Howe/White

Steve Howe: Acoustic 6 & 12 string Guitars, Dobro, Hawaian Steel, Mandolin, Mandola, Mandocello, Banjo, Bass Guitar, Autoharp, Koto, Percussion,
Dylan Howe: Drums
Anna Palm: Violin
Andrew Jackman: Recorder, Piano, Glockenspiel

Arranged & produced by Steve Howe
Recorded at Langley Studios, England by Steve Howe
Assemby & mixing at Curtis Schwarz Studios on Pro Tools by Curtis Schwarz
Track One - arrangement assisted by David Biglin

Business affairs by Jim Halley at Definintive Management
Design by Stuart Green
Photo: Monty Strikes
CD label photo: Mike Russell

This is my first completely acoustic studio project. I'd imagined there'd be some restrictions leaving electric instruments behind, but there weren't. Most of the music I've written came about on acoustic guitar anyway, so I only had to gather my ideas & play. Part of my collection, the acoustic guitars & mandolin family, came alive around me - a very different experience for me.

With all my love to Jan, Dylan & Claire, Virgil, George & Steph.

(P) © 2001 Eagle Records, a div. of Eagle Rock Entertainment Plc

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