STEVE HOWE:   The Steve Howe Album

All's A Chord

Don't bring yourself down here
My constitution will just disappear

You'll feel the atmosphere
Seeping between the end of the year

Even though lines are gathering
Time's still travelling
All's a chord

Look Over Your Shoulder

Don't ask me how I know
Just look over your shoulder
You won't recognise yourself
You won't have to ask
Is everyone here looking much older
Are communications feeling much colder
Everytime you look over your shoulder

Sudden like the wind transversed
The gulf of friendships passed
Stillness mounts in this high place
Silence stays the same
I am I will I can are aims
But can we tell which are the games
Everytime we pass the blame

Fearful thoughts are bitter sweet
His charms are soft in youth
The sting is of elusive hands
That reared him from his tooth
We know that shadows move on course
We'll have to take this boy by force
Everytime you look over your shoulder