01. When The Heart Rules The Mind (5:25) (Hackett/Howe)
02. The Hunter (4:55) (Hackett/Howe)
03. Here I Wait (4:54) (Hackett/Howe)
04. Sketches In The Sun (2:31) (Howe)
05. Jekyll And Hyde (4:42) (Hackett/Howe/Bacon)
06. You Can Still Get Through (4:52) (Hackett/Howe)
07. Reach Out (Never Say No) (4:07) (Hackett/Howe/Spalding)
08. Toe The Line (4:29) (Hackett/Howe)
09. Hackett To Bits (2:09) (Hackett/Howe)
10. Imagining (5:52) (Hackett/Howe/Mower)

Total playing time: 44:26

Steve Howe: Guitar, Bass Guitar, Synthesizers, Backing Vocals
Steve Hackett: Guitar, Synthesizers, Backing Vocals
Max Bacon: Lead Vocals
Phil Spalding: Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals
Jonathan Mover: Drums & Percussion

Performed & arranged by Hackett/Howe/Bacon/Spalding/Mover
Produced by Geoffrey Downes
Engineered by Alan Douglas
Recorded at Townhouse Studios, London
Management: Brian Lane

(P) © 1986 Arista Records Inc.