Disc 1: The Songs

01. Every Bloody Emperor (7:03) (Hammill)
02. Boleas Panic (6:50) (Jackson)
03. Nutter Alert (6:11) (Hammill)
04. Abandon Ship! (5:07) (Evans/Hammill)
05. In Babelsberg (5:30) (Hammill)
06. On The Beach (6:48) (Jackson/Hammill)

Total playing time: 37:32

Disc 2: The Improvisations
(all: Banton/Evans/Jackson/Hammill)

01. Vulcan Meld (7:19)
02. Double Bass (6:33)
03. Slo Moves (6:24)
04. Architectural Hair (8:55)
05. Spanner (5:02)
06. Crux (5:50)
07. Manuelle (7:51)
08. 'Eavy Mate (3:50)
09. Homage To Teo (4:45)
10. The Price Of Admission (8:49)

Total playing time: 65:24

Hugh Banton: Organ, Bass Guitar
Guy Evans: Drums
David Jackson: Saxes, Flutes, Soundbeam
Peter Hammill: Vox, Electric Piano, Electric Guitar

Recorded at Pyworthy Rectory, North Devon, 15-21/02/2004
Edited, mixed, manipulated, overdubbed, melded, sellotaped & mastered at Terra Incognita, The Organ Workshop, & Brain Mobile
Add. location surf recording by HB at Millook Beach
The Room photographed by Jackson
An Illuminati Production
Design & Photography by Paul Ridout for Ridart
Management: Gail Colson, London
Agency: Primary, London

Thanks for: Puworthy - Tony & Plym; Relentless Effort - Glenn Max; Like being in the Colonies - Paul Conroy; Scales & Snooker - Finn; I've Got a Horrible Feeling - Gail; Keep that Pot Bubbling - Sue J's Birthdays, PH @ QEH, The Union Chapel; Further Impetus - The Box; Neutral Ground - Novotel London West; Questions, Questions - Phil & Jim; Visitations - Hamlet; Mystery Instrument Swappage (Teo) - GE, PH.

Cuisine: The Aga Louts: Brain & K   Deep, Uncrisp, Uneven: Bjorn Ovid & San Carlos

This reincarnation is dedicated to: Rod (Rontgen) Illingworth, John (Buonuomo) Goodman, (Big) Brian Gallivan, Cracky Jones & Tony Stratton Smith


  We have played together a couple of times in the last few years. Various birthday parties have produced golden moments - demented jams, skewed versions of 'Strawberry Fields' & 'Je t'aime' as well as sideways looks at old material. In 1996, what was meant to be a duo gig with Peter at The Union Chapel escalated into a fleeting band performance which probably couldn't have happened if we'd thought about it much in advance. Lately we have met too often at the funerals of former roadcrew members. Gradually it has dawned on us that if we were ever going to stage the much vaunted re-union, it should be while we are all still alive.
  Before committing to anything we needed to go somewhere private to find out if there was worthwhile music to be made & if we were capable of co-existing & working together, I suggested Pyworthy Rectory - my retreat for the past thirty years - woodfires, children growing up, parties, gigs, jazz & friendship - a place where the usual limits to reality are often suspended.
  David arrived first, alerting me to a missing signpost a mile down the road that made nonsense of my directions. We set out with rope, wood, gaffa tape & a sledgehammer torig an improvised VDG sign to guide the others. It worked perfectly though the Escher geometry was tricky.
  There are five new songs & & a whole slew of improvisations. The overall sonic effect has been described as being locked in a room with VDGG. You're welcome to join us.

Guy Evans, Feb. 2005

Peter Hammill -
Hugh Banton -
David Jackson -

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