01. Nadir's Big Chance (3:33)
02. The Institute Of Mental Health, Burning (3:32)
03. Open Your Eyes (5:11)
04. Nobody's Business (4:08)
05. Been Alone So Long (4:11)
06. Pompeii (4:21)
07. Shingle Song (4:14)
08. Airport (3:04)
09. People You Were Going To (5:05)
10. Birthday Special (3:34)
11. Two Or Three Spectres (6:21)

Total playing time: 47:20

Peter Hammill/Rikki Nadir: Guitars, Pianos, Bass, Vox,
Hugh Banton: Bass, Keyboards
Guy Evans: Drums
David Jackson: Saxes, Flute

Written by Peter Hammill except 2, 5 by Hammill/C.J.Smith

Produced by Peter Hammill
Recorded at Rockfield, 1-7 Dec 1974
Mixed at Trident, 10-13 Dec 1974
Gordianisation: Troeller
Truck'n'hump: Buonhuomo
Cover: Dino M'Brela

The way of it is this: I was sitting in the waiting-room when I gradually became aware that I was not alone - or at least, not singular. This lasted only a moment, however, and that my alter ego, Nadir, took me over. So that I was both him in body and myself in observation. Light, a curious, desultory silence; several moments of disorienting neo-dematerialization. An ice-blue Stratocaster spinning through space; Nadir crashing his way through distorted three-chord wonders. The anarchic presence of Nadir - this loud, aggressive perpetual seventeen-year-old - has temporary through complete dominion, and I can only submit, gladly, and play his music - the beery punk songs, the weepy ballads, the soul struts. This album is, more or less, what he plays and who he is; how could I deny him his simple say? After all, with the state the world's in there's always room for another Nadir.

(P) © 1975 Charisma Records Ltd.

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Nadir's Big Chance