01. Takin' It Back (5:10)
02. Somebody Watchin' (5:07)
03. Young Blood (4:31)
04. You Do Or You Don't (5:03)
05. Hold On (3:53)
06. Second Chance (3:52)
07. Let's Start Livin' (6:08)
08. Tomorrow (5:39)
09. Run To You (4:20)
10. Lightning Strikes (4:29)
11. Heartache (5:48)
12. Last Ride Into The Sun (10:18)

Total playing time: 64:23

All tracks by Robert Berry except 'Hold On' Gary Pihl/R.Berry; 'Run To You' C.Alexander/P.Godfrey/R.Berry; 'Last Ride Into The Sun K.Emersom/R.Berry/C.Palmer

All selections © Winterlight Music (ASCAP)

Produced by Robert Berry Executive producer: Leonardo Entertainment Recorded at Soundtek Studios, Campbell, CA
Engineered & mixed by Peter Roberts & Robert Berry
Office co-ordinator: Samantha Johnson
Design by Steve Hermosillo
Photo: Dave Lepori
Road crew: Peter Roberts (sound), Keith Pechar (monitors), Jeff Tomlison & Al Escalante (back-line)
Sound programming by Eye & I Production

Special thanks to to Gary Pihl for guitar work on 'Hold On'

(P) © 1995 R. Berry
Takin It Back