01. Dreamer (3:43) (Thain/Box)
02. Stealin' (4:52) (Hensley)
03. One Day (2:48) (Hensley/Thain)
04. Sweet Freedom (6:37) (Hensley)
05. If I Had The Time (5:43) (Hensley)
06. Seven Stars (3:53) (Hensley)
07. Circus (2:44) (Thain/Box/Kerslake)
08. Pilgrim (7:04) (Hensley/Byron)

Total playing time: 37:27

Bonus tracks (1996 re-master):

09. Sunshine (4:48) (Thain/Box)
Recorded during the 'Sweet Freedom' session in France. Released as the B-side to the single 'Stealin''. Previously released on CD in 1991 - 'Rarities From The Bronze Age' (Sequel NEXCD184). This version re-mastered August 1995

10. Stealin' (3:17) (single edit)
Released as a single in 1973, this version is the original edited version - remastered Aug. 1995

11. Seven Stars (5:29) (long version)
mixed for the very first time in 1994. This version was mixed from the original 24-track master. The original album version used the same basic track but was edited somewhat! This version mastered Aug. 1995

David Byron: Vocals
Ken Hensley: Keyboards, Guitars, Vocals
Mick Box: Guitars
Lee Kerslake: Drums & Percussion, Vocals
Gary Thain: Bass Guitar

Produced by Gerry Bron
Engineer: Peter Gallen
Recorded at The Chateau D'Herouville, France, June/July 1973
All songs written & arranged by Uriah Heep
Equipment crew: Del Roll, B.J.Reisch,Tony Patrick
Cover concept & photography: Fin Costello
Handtinting by William C.Klein
Art director & design by Peter Corriston
(P) Warner Bros Records Inc. 1973

CD artwok by Creation Graphics, Luton, England
Revised sleeve & notes prepared by Red Steel Productions for the Essential label
Extra clippings & photos courtesy of Mick Box, Ken Hensley & UHAS archives
Research & co-ordination: Robert M Corich

All tracks remastered August 1995 by Mick Brown & R M Corich
(P) © 1973 Bronze Records Ltd.

Bronze Records

Re-released by Castle Communications Plc (P) © 1996
Marketed & distributed by BMG in Russia
Sweet Freedom