From Spice to Uriah Heep: the Transition (1CD version)

01. Born In A Trunk (3:47) [Spice]
02. Simon The Bullet Freak (3:28) (alternate version)
03. Here Am I (8:14) (alternate version)
04. Magic Lantern (Box/Byron) (8:32) [Spice]
05. Why (11.18 version) (11:20)
06. Astranaza (Box/Byron) (4:46) [Spice]
07. What's Within My Heart (5:26)
08. What Should Be Done (4:28) (alternate version)
09. Lucy Blues (5:10) (alternate version)
10. I Want You Babe (5:42) [Spice]
11. Celebrate (Bonner/Gordon) (4:26) [Spice]
12. Schoolgirl (Box/Byron) (3:25) [Spice]
13. Born In A Trunk (4:02) (instrumental) [Spice]

Bonus track:

14. Look At Yourself (3:20) (unreleased single edit)
    + Dreammare (1:10) (intro)

David Byron: Lead Vocals
Ken Hensley: Keyboards, Guitar, Vocals
Mick Box: Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Vocals
Paul Newton: Bass
Alan Napier: Drums (tracks 1,4,6,10-13)
Keith Baker: Drums (2,3)
Ian Clarke: Drums (5,7-8,14)
Nigel 'Ollie' Olsson: Drums (9,15)

CD compilation, research & sleeve notes by Robert M Corich for Red Steel Procudtions Ltd.
Additional sleeve notes by Roger Dopson & Simon Robinson
Tracks 1-13 initial production by Gerry Bron, engineered by Peter Gallen
Tracks 1-13 post production by Robert M Corich Track 14 production by Gerry Bron, engineered by Peter Gallen Tracks 1-13 mixed by Robert M Corich & Ian Herron at Studio 125, Sussex CD mastered by Nick Watson at SRT, Cambridgeshire, England

    Uriah Heep enter their third decade with a worldwide following & an extensive back catalogue, but these newly discovered recordings take us back to the very start of Heep's career, & their early beginnings as a band called 'Spice'. With Mick Box, Paul Newton & David Byron in the band, these early recordings featuring numbers which had been an integral part of Spice's live repertoire, were taped in 1969, & only shelved when Ken Hensley joined the band. His arrival gave them their definitive sound, & to mark the change Spice renamed themselves Uriah Heep.
    The rest of this CD features material taped by the embryonic line-ups. In includes several excellent tracks which for various reasons never made in onto vinyl, along with alternate takes of old favourites, all taped during 1970 & 1971.
    All the material here has been newly mixed down from the original 8 track tapes recorded at Lansdowne Studios. Mick Box, Paul Newton & Ken Hesley have been unstinting in their cooperation, fascinated to hear this material again.
    The inlay features a collection of rare & previously unseen photo's from the time, along with cuttings, a full history of the transition from Spice to Uriah Heep.

(P) © 1993 Red Steel Productions Ltd., London
Mfd. & marketed by RPM Records, London

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2CD version:
From Spice to Uriah Heep Recording Studios
The Lansdowne Tapes 2CD Expanded Version

Disc 1

1. Dreammare (1:01) (intro)
2. Walking In Your Shadow (5:01) (alternative mix)
3. Real Turned On (3:34) (alternative mix)
4. I'll Keep On Trying (5:24) (alternative mix)
5. Wake Up (Set Your Sights) (6:13) (alternative mix)
6. Come Away Melinda (3:48) (alternative version 1)
7. Lucy Blues (5:07) (alternate version)
8. The Park (5:36) (alternative version)
9. Here Am I (8:11) (alternate version)
10. Lady In Black (4:53) (alternative version)
11. Simon The Bullet Freak (3:26) (alternative version 2)
12. What's Within My Heart (5:21)
13. What Should Be Done (4:24) (alternate version)
14. Why (11:15) (11.18 min. version)
15. Look At Yourself (3:20) (alternative single edit)

Disc 2

1. Born In A Trunk (4:03) [Spice]
2. Magic Lanterns (7:55) [Spice]
3. Astranaza (5:06) [Spice]
4. Celebrate (4:19) [Spice]
5. Schoolgirl (3:22) [Spice]
6. I Want You Babe (6:09) [Spice]
7. Born In A Trunk (4:20) (instrumental version) [Spice]
8. Lucy Blues (5:07) (alternative version) [Spice]
9. Come Away Melinda (3:47) (alternative version 2)
10. What's Within My Heart (5:24) (alternative version)
11. What Should Be Done (4:26) (alternative version)
12. Gypsy (5:50) (alternative mix)
13. High Priestess (3:40) (alternative version)
14. Simon The Bullet Freak (3:25) (alternate version)
15. Look At Yourself (3:18) (unreleased single edit)
16. Lady In Black (3:30) (alternative single edit)
17. Dreammare (reprise) (1:08)

* Note: tracks featured on the single CD are not highlighted

The line-ups:

Spice - early line-up recording for United Artists 1968:
    David Byron: Vocals
    Mick Box: Guitar
    Paul Newton: Bass
    Nigel Pegrum: Drums
    (previously Barry Green & Alf on Bass)
Spice - later line-up recordings for Lansdwone Road 1969:
    David Byron: Vocals
    Mick Box: Guitar
    Paul Newton: Bass
    Alex Napier: Drums
    Colin Wood: Keyboards (employed as a session player)
Uriah Heep:
    David Byron: Vocals
    Mick Box: Guitar
    Paul Newton: Bass
    Ken Hensley: Keyboards
    Alex Napier (Mk I - 'Very Eavy Very Umble' sessions)
    Nigel Olsson (Mk II - 'Very Eavy Very Umble' sessions)
    Keith Baker (Mk III - 'Salisbury' sessions)
    Ian Clarke (Mk IV - 'Look At Yourself' sessions)
(P) © 2002 Castle Communications Plc

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