01. No Return (6:02) (Bolder/Box/Hensley)
02. Imagination (5:49) (Hensley)
03. Feelings (5:26) (Hensley)
04. Fools (5:03) (Bolder)
05. Carry On (3:57) (Hensley)
06. Won't Have To Wait Too Long (4:54) (Bolder/Box/Hensley)
07. Out On The Street (5:57) (Hensley)
08. It Ain't Easy (5:45) (Bolder)

Total playing time: 42:55

Bonus tracks:

09. Been Hurt (3:56) (Hensley)(B-side to 'Carry On')
10. Love Stealer (3:28) (Wainman/Myhill) (A-side)
11. Think It Over (3:33) (Sloman/Bolder) (A-side), vocals John Sloman
12. My Joanna Needs Tuning (Inside Out) (3:02) (Sloman/Bolder/Box/Dechert/Slade)
      (B-side of 'Think It Over')
13. Lying (4:23) (Hensley/Sloman/Bolder/Slade) (album outtake)

Ken Hensley: OBX, Vocoder, Organ, Piano, Guitars, Backing Vocals
Mick Box: Guitars
John Sloman: Lead & Backing Vocals, Piano, Percussion
Trevor Bolder: Bass Guitar, Lead Vocal on 8, Backing Vocals
Chris Slade: Staccato Drums, Percussion

Gerry Bron: Timpani on 7
Greg Dechert: Keyboards on 'Think It Over' & 'My Joanna'

Produced by Uriah Heep & John Gallen
Executive producer: Gerry Bron
Engineered by John Gallen
Recorded at the Roundhouse Studios, London, 1979
Photo: Martin Poole

(P) © 1980 Bronze Records Ltd.

Bronze Records
Castle Classics
Re-released by Castle Communications plc
Distributed by BMG