01. Zooropa (6:31)
02. Babyface (4:01)
03. Numb (4:20)
04. Lemon (6:58)
05. Stay (Faraway, So Close!) (4:58)
06. Daddy's Gonna Pay For Your Crashed Car (5:20)
07. Some Days Are Better Than Others (4:17)
08. First Time (3:45)
09. Dirty Day (5:24)
10. The Wanderer (4:41)

Total playing time: 51:19

All tracks by Bono & U2, except 3 by The Edge & 9 by Bono/The Edge
Lyrics by Bono

Bono: Vocals & Guitar
The Edge: Guitar, Piano, Synthesizer & Vocals
Adam Clayton: Bass Guitar
Larry Mullen Jnr: Drums, Percussion & Backing Vocals

Brian Eno: Keyboards, Sound Effects, Harmonium, Backing Vocals
Johnny Cash: Vocals on 'The Wanderer'
Strings arranged by Eno

Produced by Flood, Brian Eno, & The Edge

Mixed & engineered by Flood & Robbie Adams

Recorded at The Factory, Windmill Lane & Westland Studios, Dublin
Add. recording facilities: Terry Cromer & Julian Douglas, Audio Engineering, Dublin
Recording & mixing engineers & assistants:
Daniel Lanois, Joe O'Herihy, Rob Kirwan, Willie Mannion, Mary McShane
Loops by Flood & Des Broadery
Chimes & programming: Des Broadery
Production co-ordination: Cheryl Engels
Mastered by Arnie Acosta

Paul McGuinness: Manager
Studio crew:
Joe O'Herlihy: Monitoring
Des Broadery: Programming, Keyboard & guitar technician
Fraser McAlister: Guitar technician (Bono)
Sam O'Sullivan: Drum Technician
Stuart Morgan: Bass Gitar Technician
Dallas Schoo: Guitar technician (Edge)
Suzanne Doyle: Studio Production Manager
Anne-Louise Kelly: Album Production Manager
Art direction: Steve Averill
Illustrations: Charlie Whisker & Shaughn McGrath
Photo: Alan Messer

THE FREEDOM OF ZOOROPA is awarded to Willie Mannion & Rob Kirwan

(P) © 1993 Island Records Inc./PolyGram

Island Records