01. United Colors (5:31) (from 'United Colours Of Plutonium')
02. Slug (4:41) (from 'Slug')
03. Your Blue Room (5:28) (from 'Par-Dela les Nuages')
04. Always Forever Now (6:24) (from 'Always Forever Now')
05. A Different Kind Of Blue (2:02) (from 'An Oridinary Day')
06. Beach Sequence (3:25) (from 'Par-Dela les Nuages')
07. Miss Sarajevo (5:41) (from 'Miss Sarajevo')
08. Ito Okashi (3:25) (from 'Ito Okashi')
09. One Minute Warning (4:40) (from 'Ghost In The Shell')
10. Corpse (These Chains Are Way Too Long) (3:35) (from 'Gibigiane')
11. Elvis Ate America (2:59) (from 'Elvis Ate America')
12. Plot 180 (3:41) (from 'Hypnotize Me (Love Me 'Till Dawn)')
13. Them from the Swan (3:24) (from 'The Swan')
14. Them from Let's Go Native (3:07) (from 'Let's Go Native')

Total playing time: 58:03

Music by Brian Eno/Bono/Clayton/Edge/Mullen

The Edge: Guitar, Organ, Backing Vocals
Bono: Vocals, Guitar, Piano
Adam Clayton: Bass, Narration
Larry Mullen Jr: Drums, Percussion, Synthesizer, Rhythm

Luciano Pavarotti: Tenor Vocal
Brian Eno: Synthesizer, Vocals, Sequencing, Treatments
Howie B: Scratching, Vocals, Rhythm, Treatments
Holger Zschenderlein: Synthesizer
David Herbert: Saxophone
String arranged by Craig Armstrong & Paul Barrett

Engineered by Howie B
Mixed by Brian Eno & Howie B
Recorded at Westside Studios, London & Hanover, Dublin
Studio co-ordinator: David Herbert
Cover design & concept: Brian Eno

'In 1995 Brian Eno & U2 collaborated on a project called Original Soundtracks 1. Because the sound was a departure for U2 and the record label didn't want fans to confuse it with the new U2 album, the artists released the album under the pseudonym Passengers. Additional 'passengers' along for the ride included Luciano Pavarotti, Howie, B. & Holi. In Japan, the album was released with a bonus track entitled Bottoms (Watashitachi No Ookina Yume). That translates into Bottoms (Our Big Dreams). This extra track can also be found on the UK promo version of the 5" CD. Also released in the UK was a double CD set, Original SoundCHAT1, which contained interviews with the artists on a variety of subjects including Passengers, Original Soundtracks 1, Film music, Bosnia & the Modena Concert. This radio documentary also contained a portion of the Bono-only version of Miss Sarajevo. In Ireland Original Soundtracks 1 peaked at No.5 & stayed on the chart for a total of 12 weeks. It peaked at No.12 on the UK charts & No.76 on the Billboard 200 album charts in the US.' (

(P) © 1995 PolyGram International Music
Passengers: Original soundtracks 1